In Loving Memory to Ed Stith
By Barbara Harding for the
Buckeye Trail Rider Newsletter

In a very inspirational ceremony we said good-bye on Saturday May 23,1998, to one of our very colorful members, Ed Stith. Ed and Lisa Stith have been members of Buckeye Trail Rider's for a number of years and wherever they were, there was laughter. I think Ed was one of the best straightmen there was. Lisa would say something to get his goat and he would just stare at her with those devilish hazel eye and turn to us, deadpan expression on his face. A couple seconds would go by, and Ed would say something to Lisa that would just put us in stitches.

Ed was a retired Truck Driver, who Lisa says " never let me forget it." But Lisa would not let Ed drive the truck she owned, all he was allowed to do was tell her which way to turn when they were backing out of the driveway. Ed and Lisa celebrated 14 years of marriage in March and it was the best 14 years they ever knew. Stith's Lively Acres, was a labor of love to both Ed and Lisa. On Wednesday afternoon about 1:00 Ed apparently suffered a massive heart attack while he was tending to his animals. He was found lying inside the pasture fence with his two horses grazing over him. I think he would has been pleased to die that way, near the animals he loved, on the farm he adored, doing the things he loved to do.

Lisa gave a beautiful eulogy at Ed's funeral that made us laugh and cry and remember all the great things about Ed Stith that made him such a wonderful guy. They were blessed to have those years together and we are blessed to have known him. We will always carry a part of him in our hearts. We will always miss him.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Lisa as she starts to heal from the loss of her beloved Ed.

I would like to thank everyone --- family, friends, neighbors, fellow workers at Sugar Creek Industries, members of BTR --- for giving me all this support after the loss of my husband, Ed.

....Lisa Stith