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Update 2009
I cannot believe it has been 7 whole years since I have added to my website so before the year is over I figured I had better bring it up to date. Click above to my update. And click here for photos.

Update June 2002
It’s been 4 years since I have updated my website so with this rainy weather I have finally found time to do it. Four years ago my husband, Ed, passed away and so my life has gone on. I have managed to maintain my home, Lively Acres- lawn mowing, weed whacking, gardening both flowers and vegetables, fence repair, ditch digging with the help of my new man, Don Miller. He shares my love of country and animals. ...

Lady Beetles
I wrote this article-report to Ohio State. They are trying to control the Lady Beetle problem which we face each year in the fall.

Some of my photos - 1998 

In Loving Memory to Ed Stith

Drivers Are Professionals
This article I wrote appeared in HoofBeats Reader Forum. I am an avid supporter of Standardbreds. I have my A license as well as a trainer's. I truly love the breed as well as the sport.

Buckeye Trail Riders - Salt Fork State Park ride
I am a member of Buckeye Trail Riders located in Dover, Ohio. At present time, I am treasurer. Throughout the year we have many events. During the summer months we have rides, one of which my husband and I were host and hostess.
I ride a retired Standard bred mare - Good and Lively.

Buckeye Trail Riders - 1997 to my brother Ole's web page 
...some photos by Ole...

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