I am going to give you a brief review of the 1997 activities. On the first month of 1997 my BTR gave to us Mike Bricker and Curt Honeker discussing the pro's and con's of transporting semen and the up coming breeding season. February was a general business meeting organizing the trail rides for the year. March gave to us Pat Schamber with her wonderful tales and pictures of her travel from coast to coast on horseback with her daughter.

April gave to us an evening at Rockin' Horse Ranch with Monty Patton's cowboy poetry. I, for one, felt that this was one of the highlites of the year. So thank you Monty for enlightening us and opening our eyes to another medium of cowboy life. We also had the annual Harrison Forest work weekend where we cleaned up the trails and campsites. This is where Gibby loaded up Monty and his mount with everything but the kitchen sink to blaze the white trail. Nancy got a new name -Backpack Nancy. She had everything in that backpack but a bridle. So I hope Santa knows to bring her a new bridle.

May gave us Harrison Open House under sunny skies, new faces, and a wonderful meal catered in from  Piergallini's. June gave us a weekend at Salt Fork with Jack Preece and the Stith's as trail bosses. July gave us our NTR canoe party with yours truly playing hostess- grass skirt and all. August gave us Becky and Terry's moonlite ride which turned out to be a damp, rainy afternoon with lots of warm good food afterwards.

September gave us quite a few activities. The first one was the Ritenours Camp Tuscazoar ride with a pig roast at the boy scout camp. Then there was Nancy and Kenny's barn party. I felt that this was the other highlite of the year. We had a large turn out to hear the Miller Sisters but this would not have been made possible if Marge and Dean hadn't discovered them and brought their musical talent to us to warm our hearts. So a very big THANK YOU to Marge and Dean and Nancy and Kenny for sponsoring them for our enjoyment. The last event was Audrey and Merle Stull's ride with great trails and fabulous food.

October gave us a general business meeting planning the 1998 events as well as discussing the election of officers.  We also had the annual breakfast ride which was rainy but Becky and Terry again opened their home to all with a hearty breakfast of pancakes and sausage. November gave us an election of officers- Barb Harding - Pres.  Pat Schamber - V.P.  Pam Brown - Treas.  Marge Auman - Sec./Newsletter. We had two tapes compliments of Kenny- Rocky Mt. Horse and Spotted Walking Horse.

December is giving us this wonderful Christmas party with chair person Becky Auman and her crew working very diligently. In closing it was a rather full, fun year with a lot of members participating in some way. So thank you for the help. In keeping with Christmas, I would like to say the BTR represents the pear tree and we all are the partridges in that tree to make it work. So with that thought , I'd like to wish you all a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and a PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR!

....Lisa Stith