Buckeye Trail Riders - Salt Fork State Park ride

June 15, 1997 - What a beautiful day and way to celebrate Father's Day but a lovely trail ride in Salt Fork State Park - I was able to honor my trail boss mentor, Dean Auman, with whom I have ridden and have seen how it was done - so hopefully, Dean, I didn't let you down! I reread my trail riding rules, saddled up my mount, and I was ready! We had a great group of riders - 14 including myself. We rode the blue trail which Ed and I know pretty well. I jabbered the whole time pointing out the various landmarks, i.e., blueberry bushes, briars, knee knocking trees, muck holes. Achim even pointed out a deer which hung around while we were making a racket in the woods. In line we had myself, Ed, the Schaar family, Carl, Barb, Kim (a potential new member), Achim, Nancy, Kenny, Joyce and Bob. Every time I looked back, I never once saw a face of fear just smiles, but good thing no one saw my face when I was about to face and fearful - if my horse could do this, if I was going the right speed, if we would make it all in one piece. For 2 1/2 hours I could hear the laughter, talking, and even the "ouch,ouch, ouch" through the briars. We even met up with Jerry Blake and two of his friends going the opposite direction on the blue trail. We were back by 1 PM and had our lunch.

I would like to give all the participants of the ride a BIG THANK YOU for making it a very fun ride and putting up with me and my horse Good and Lively. Don't forget the next big event - July 13 - canoeing with Barb and Carl with the Stith's doing the cooking.

.... By Lisa Stith