It’s been 4 years since I have updated my website so with this rainy weather I have finally found time to do it. Four years ago my husband, Ed, passed away and so my life has gone on.

I have managed to maintain my home, Lively Acres- lawn mowing, weed whacking, gardening both flowers and vegetables, fence repair, ditch digging with the help of my new man, Don Miller. He shares my love of country and animals.

Don + Mopsy + Flopsy
Hey don't hide - We're only kidding around.

April 2002
Copper, Sugar, Good+Lively

I still have three horses- Sugar age 33- Ed’s albino quarter horse- Good And Lively age 19- my standardbred mare and Copper- 2 year old quarter horse I won on a $10 raffle. 3 goats- Jake and Bucky- two wethers and Zena a doe which had triplets March 9- Flopsy, Mopsy, and Topsy.

2001 March 10 (left).......... 2002 April (right)

8 cats- Whiskey, Rachel, Jerry, Mama Kitty, Cali, Wizer, Tweedle Dee, and Linda. 3 dogs- Lucky a pitbull mix, Candy a cocker spaniel are mine and Don has a black lab-Tag. You see where I live at I get beer bottles, litter, cats and dogs all dropped off. Inspite of it all the animals do give us a great deal of joy.

Spring has arrived here with lots of greenery. Barn swallows, hummingbirds, bees, ticks, and dandelions are all back. My lady beetles are gone. Don has been hunting morels and was quite successful this year. We had quite a few good meals and apparently they were the right ones as we are still alive.

May 2002
Morels as big as beer cans

Time just flys on by so hopefully I”ll be able to update my web by fall with summer events.

Xmas 2001

....Lisa Stith ..