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Hello, I am Eve Brownstone, M.A. I am an expressive arts therapist, twin and co-creator of Twins Inc. Welcome to my web site.

Twins Inc. is a support and educational service for twins and their families.

Twins Inc. also strives to spread the awareness of twins issues through workshops and presentations for non twins, writing articles and through the media.

Two years ago Dyahanna Noble and I started Twins Inc. We wanted to create a place for twins to get together, to find others who "speak the same language". An adult twin support group got under way. It is still on going. Dyhanna continues Twins Inc. in New England. I moved back to Chicago after living five years in the Boston area. To be honest, I was feeling homesick. I am from Chicago. I was missing my family and living close to my twin sister. So I have brought Twins Inc. to the Midwest. I say hello to all of you twins out there all over the country. I welcome your letters.

talk show with eve and laura

What's It Like Being A Twin?

... is a twin's anthology of stories and photos by twins and edited by twins. My twin sister Laura and I are editing this anthology. Please send your story about what it is like for you to be a twin. All ages are welcome. Let's show the world that there is more than one way to be a twin. mail TwinsInc3@aol.com


Born In Relationship, a one-twin show

... that reflects one twin's journey from separation from her twin to selfhood. This multi-media experience begins with a dance called Born Together. In this piece, I dance with a partner, exploring the experience of being in the womb with somebody else. Making It On the Outside follows. Making It On the Outside is a dramatic monologue written after learning that my twin was getting married. At eighteen my twin decided to go to a different college and at twenty-eight she decided to get married. This piece is about mourning, letting go and acknowledging that I can take care of myself. It's really a love letter to myself and my twin.Born Alone, a dance in a white spandex birthing bag, concludes this presentation. I move in this birthing bag to give myself an idea of what it might be like not to be a twin.

Born In Relationship, a workshop

...for twins and nontwins. This two hour or all day workshop participates in the world of twins in the womb. This workshop may shed light on twinships but also on relationships. Relationships aren't just a twin thing, we just get a head start.

Born In Relationship, by Eve Brownstone

...Available from Author, 1996, 140 pages.
Thanks for joining me. I look forward to your mail. Take care. Yours Eve. send email to Eve (twinsinc3@aol.com)

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