Lady Beetles arrived October 13,2001

Lady Beetles February 2001
hibernating with me interrupting them.

Left on April 26, 2002

I attended one of your seminars in New Philadelphia, Ohio and was rather quite enlightened and encouraged as to what measures I could take to control my problem with the Lady Beetles. This year they surrounded the house and I did note that they liked maple trees. I was ready to make my own black lite via directions on the flyer but throughout the winter they weren’t as bad as in the past or I have gotten use to them. So I decided if you can’t beat them, join them and I swept them up once a week when I cleaned. I must admit they are an amazing creature. Where in your home can you keep a pet that requires no upkeep, decorates your hair, body, windows, walls, ceilings, gives you companionship everywhere, rides with you in and outside your car ( doesn’t get car sick), has a variety of colors, does tricks( flys around lites, plays dead, shows up on your food), even has their own aroma( saves on candles and potpourri) , gives dogs something to snack on.

It will be interesting to read the results from the other methods that other people used. My only conclusion is that I live in the country. The Lady Beetles are just one of the advantages to be out of town. I can tolerate the beetles more than I can the litter and drop off animals Thank you for your research and concern.

I wrote this article-report to Ohio State. They are trying to control the Lady Beetle problem which we face each year in the fall. For more information please log on to their website -

....Lisa Stith ..